We research the subject to determine whether or not it will pass Wikipedia’s guidelines on notability and to see if there are enough solid third-party references out there to prove that notability. We also update and improve existing Wikipedia articles, and have been very successful doing this.

Once we take on the subject, we research and write a draft. We do not need anything from you to get started. Of course, you are welcome to send us articles, information, or general guidance if you like.

We send you a draft for your comments and approval before posting the entry on Wikipedia.

Once the page is live, we watch it to ensure its properly maintained. We take a lot of pride in what we do and we want all our entries to remain in good standing.

We research, write, and post-professional Wikipedia pages on a variety of subjects. We work within Wikipedia’s guidelines, writing the entries in a neutral, encyclopedic tone, and citing each fact with a respected third-party source. Our approach is thorough and academic, and our goal is to add/revise factually accurate, properly sourced subjects of public interest to Wikipedia.

Once the entry would be posted it will be monitored by Wikipedia to ensure if it is created as per the guideline it would take 1-3 months to complete the verification in reference to the content that is mentioned on the page. As soon as the tag would be removed everything will be good to go and we’ll provide you with 100% ownership rights of the page so that you can, later on, add more as per your needs and requirements.

You will get the 100% money-back guarantee so due to any reason if your profile gets down or rejected you will have a full refund.

If you have further questions feel free to contact me or drop a mail at info@sahilkashyap.com and kashyapsahil1996@gmail.com