We propose personalized Google Ads campaigns, based on the segmentation of your audience and keywords, allowing greater visibility of your website, which translates into more traffic opportunities, which generates more sales for your brand.

Different Google Ads

We work with text ads (Google Search), display, video, rich media. Where you want us to advertise on Google Ads?

Search Network

In the search network your ads will be displayed in the top positions of Google, only reaching people who are looking for exactly what you offer.

Our team is specialized in text campaigns, they perform segmentation techniques to offer your campaign the highest level of quality and always achieve a high return on investment.

Google Display Ad

Display campaigns

We promote your services with images or videos on more than 1 million websites and mobile applications.

Also, we only look for the most important websites that have the same theme as your company.

Remarketing campaigns

Thanks to remarketing you will never miss the visits of your users, we will show different ads to everyone who visited your website or used its application for mobile devices.

We create and develop personalized Google Adwords campaigns for each type of business by studying user behavior.

We show your ads to users who visited your website or used your application.

If you have further questions feel free to contact me or drop a mail at info@sahilkashyap.com

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