How to get started on Patreon successfully to finance yourself?


Already over 3 million users support over 100,000 creators on Patreon.

Launched in 2013, this platform allows you to monetize your creativity and earn money with your content. Let’s explore this platform that allows you to interact with your subscribers and reward your loyal customers with exclusive gifts.

Patreon, crowdfunding for exclusive content

A membership platform for content creators, Patreon provides them with the business tools they need to run a subscription service.

Instead of funding a specific project, fans or “patrons” subsidize their favorite creators, supporting their work through monthly subscriptions. In exchange, they receive exclusive content.

examples, for example, models offer unseen photos, designers publish exclusive works, a trainer can offer his latest training, etc.

Users pay these artists or content creators on a monthly basis, but also on an ad hoc basis. Indeed, it is possible to request single participation to benefit from advanced content or a “premium” thing.

The higher the level of remuneration, the greater the value of the content offered in return. Patreon takes a commission of 5% to 12% of monthly revenue.

6 Steps to Successfully Using Patreon

If you are an artist, a model, you have content to sell (training, workshops, guides, games…) then Patreon is for you! However, to use it well to attract customers and get paid for the work you love, here are 6 steps you should follow:

1. Create an engaging about page

More than any other platform, the “About” page is essential on Patreon. It determines whether patrons can trust you and whether the subscription is “profitable”.

To make it attractive:

  • Introduce yourself and explain why users should support you.
  • Talk about the exchange of values, that is to say, the advantages to support you: bonus products, exclusive access, etc.
  • Present a long-term vision.
  • Avoid words evoking the need like “help” or “support” but rather expressions like “join an exclusive community” or “access to premium content”.
  • Avoid including links to external resources: Internet users should stay on your Patreon profile.

Patreon allows you to add an introductory video to your “About” page. You can come back in more detail on certain information and don’t forget to update it after a few months.

2. Set achievable goals

On Patreon, goals serve two purposes: they help you define your strategy and allow patrons to understand your needs.

You can set two basic types of goals:

  • Income-based goals: For example, you can advertise that if your income reaches $ 300 a month on Patreon, you will hire a video editor to produce two videos per week instead of one.
  • Community objectives: for example, with 500 patrons, you organize a question and answer session with your fans.

3. Submit a special offer

The Patreon Pro formula allows you to benefit from the “Special Offer” function. The latter offers an advantage to your fans who register within a limited period. To know this system works great when you get started on Patreon, as it increases your support by 200%! It is therefore a good strategy to quickly increase your community.

For example, you can build momentum by offering personalized content to those who become patrons within the first two weeks of launching your page.

4. Prepare a thank you message

You need to make your followers feel loved and valued.

In the “Thank you” tab of your back office, enter a personalized message that each new sponsor will receive when they agree to support you. Give it a lot of personality and authenticity to foster their loyalty.

5. Promote your Patreon page

Promote your Patreon on all your media. Your first patrons are in your customers and your communities on social networks.

Add an insert to your Patreon page in your newsletters, pin a post to your Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin pages. Talk about it in your stories, as well as on your website and blog.

Keep in mind that Patreon is a relatively new service. You will therefore have to explain the concept, the benefits, and how to subscribe to them.

6. Regularly create quality content

Don’t charge for open access content. Your supporters expect new, valuable information. In addition, as they subscribe monthly, they want to benefit from exclusivity regularly. If you’re new to Patreon, make sure you have time to liven up your community by creating great content.

If so, your patrons may unsubscribe.

Patreon gives you the opportunity to get closer to your community while benefiting from a new means of remuneration. Start by respecting these 6 steps to start on the platform, successfully!

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